Did you know?

Information and communications technologies (ICT) account for about 10 percent of NC State’s electrical consumption, or $2 million annually.

Why PowerOn?

PowerOn, a power management application, can:
  • Conserve energy.
  • Save $50-$100 on the annual operation of your campus computer.
  • Reduce your start-up time.
  • Wake up your plugged-in campus computer from a remote location.
  • Prevent disruption of your work. During off-hours, system administrators can wake up your computer for updates.

How it works

Once you set up your campus computer (follow the links at the top of this page), here's how you would use PowerOn:

At the end of your workday or before you leave for an extended period:

  1. Leave your campus computer
    • plugged in
    • connected to the campus wired network.
  2. Put it in sleep mode.
  3. Turn off its monitors
Whenever you need to use it remotely, PowerOn lets you wake it up quickly.

Try it

Use the setup links at the top of this page and start using PowerOn today to help reduce our campus electrical consumption and environmental footprint.